How Do You Identify? Preserving Cantonese Identity through Language, Culture, and Heritage

DATE/TIME: May 13 6pm PDT/ May 14 9AM HKT


In this online panel and discussion, we will explore Cantonese identities through language, culture, and heritage. We would like to explore such questions as “What does Cantonese identity mean to you?”,  “What is your connection to the Cantonese language and culture?”, and  “How do we preserve Cantonese as a language, culture, and heritage?” Our panel consists of people with various backgrounds, listed down below,  in Cantonese who will bring various perspectives to the discussion. This is a partnered event from the Hong Kong Affairs Association at Berkeley, Save Cantonese at Stanford University, and Save Cantonese at City College at San Francisco. Note that the panelists are free and encouraged to express their own opinions and experiences, however the views expressed here tonight are solely those of the participants and do not necessarily represent the views of Save Cantonese at Stanford or CCSF or HKAAB. 

Panelists includeAndrew Chan, Brittany Chan, Felix Liang, Laurel Chor, Professor Dana Scott Bourgerie, Sunny Cheung 

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