Pleco (Android/IOS)

A comprehensive Chinese language dictionary and reading resource app mainly for Mandarin and Cantonese. Has the ability to combine multiple dictionaries together and create flashcard quizzes. A number of free and paid add-ons are available including Cantonese audio pronunciation, live OCR, screen reader and a wide range of Chinese dictionaries.

Simply Learn Cantonese (Android/IOS)

App focused on phrase and vocabulary learning. App includes romanization, Cantonese characters, HQ audio recordings and English translations. Also has quiz, flashcard and progress tracking. Free and paid versions available.

CanTONEse (Android/IOS)

Free app developed by Chinese University of Hong Kong focused on helping beginners learn, identify and practice tones. Includes audio recordings, conversations, and learning exercises.

Learn Cantonese with Big Data (Android/ IOS)

App developed by Education University of Hong Kong that draws from Corpus data to aid vocabulary learning. Words and characters can be searched and seen in real sentences along with Cantonese audio and other general info (romanization, stroke order, English and Mandarin gloss, radicals). 

Drops (Cantonese) (Android/IOS)

A vocabulary learning app with various touch-screen games to learn vocabulary. Includes audio pronunciation.

Gus on the Go: Cantonese (Android/IOS)

Cantonese vocabulary learning app aimed at young children. Includes traditional characters, Cantonese audio and child-focused animations and games.

Cantonese by Nemo (Android/IOS)

Beginner learning app that allows you to record, playback and compare vocabulary pronunciation with native speaker recordings in app.

Hanping Cantonese Dictionary (Android)

Paid app ($9.99) with similar interface to Pleco but focused solely on Cantonese. No free version available.

Clozemaster (Android/ IOS)

Language learning app that includes Cantonese designed for intermediate learners and above. Utilizes cloze passages (fill in missing words in sentences) to practice reading, vocabulary and character recognition.

Mango Languages (Android/IOS)

Multi-language learning app which has a Cantonese course with topic-based lesson modules with conversations, audio, grammar exercises and other additional learning features (view platform demo here).

Ling App (Android/IOS)

Another multi-language learning app which has a Cantonese course. Includes language learning games and exercises with audio, romanization, Cantonese characters and English gloss. The company also has a regularly updated Cantonese learning blog here.