Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find materials to learn Cantonese?

There are a number of texts with audio available for purchase. A list of many of them can be found at this site under the Cantonese Learning Materials tab. UCLA also maintains an database of Cantonese learning materials (Language Materials Database).

2. Is computer-based instruction available for Cantonese?

There is an increasing number computer-based and smart phone-based aids for learning Cantonese. You can find many of these at this CLA site under the Cantonese Learning Materials tab.

3. Are there summer institutes or study abroad programs for Cantonese?

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers Cantonese study abroad at Jinnan University in Guangzhou. Yale-China Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong offers a wide variety of Cantonese courses. The other major universities in Hong Kong also offer Cantonese, as does Jinan University in Guangzhou.

4. What institutions around the world offer Cantonese courses?

The CLA Homepage has a list of institutions that teach Cantonese. (CLA List of Cantonese Programs Around the World ). The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) also maintains information on Cantonese courses.