This page contains links to various Cantonese related websites.

Cantonese Corpora:

Cantonese Web Corpus (WaC)

This corpus costs money, but it seems to have the most expansive number of words. The first three months are free, and it uses 1 million words. But if you buy the license you can have up to 30 million words.

Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus (HKCanCor) 香港粵語語料庫

The Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus was collected from transcribed conversations that were recorded between March 1997 and August 1998. About 230,000 Chinese words were collected in the annotated corpus. It contains recordings of spontaneous speech (51 texts) and radio programs (42 texts), which involve 2 to 4 speakers, with 1 text of monologue. The texts were word-segmented, annotated with part-of-speech tagging and Cantonese pronunciation using the Romanization scheme of Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (LSHK).

The Hong Kong Bilingual Child Language Corpus

This is a corpus of words used by 6 children that grew up learning both Cantonese and English.

Cantonese-Related Links

A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced According to the Dialect of Canton An Electronic Version of Wong Shik-ling’s Classic Syllabary
Learning Jyutping (Hong Kong Linguistics Society Cantonese Romanization)
Linguistic Society of Hong Kong A non-profit academic organization composed of linguists, language teachers and students who share an interest in promoting linguistics and language-related activities in Hong Kong.
Link to a Cantonese-Related Commercial Site
Beginning Cantonese CDs (Critical Language Series/The University of Arizona Press) Instructional CDs with video, audio, text, exercises, graphics, etc. Developed by Dana Scott Bourgerie and Critical Languages Series.

Cantonese Cultural Links

Commisceo Global has a webpage, focused on helping businessmen understand the Culture of Hong Kong.

GuangZhou.CHN.Info This site is useful for any basic questions people have about Guang Zhou, from dating and marriage to sports.

Heng Qin government’s webpage on the culture

Wikipedia‘s page on the Cantonese People

General Chinese Links

China News Digest – CND CyberSpace Info Center for Chinese. English/Chinese Publications, Photo Archives, Libraries, Tech Help, and CND Community Services.
Chinese- Language-Related Information Page A comprehensive navigational tool pointing you to Chinese-language related resources
Chinese Language Study Courses Specific information on Chinese language study courses offered by various institutions. Alphabetically listed.
Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) Jobs, links, publications, contacts, information
Marjorie Chan’s ChinaLinks (Chinese-related, Linguistics and Other links- comprehensive and categorized) – Character Etymologies, Online Readings, Vocabulary, Pinyin Chat, Book Intro’s. Every Chinese character is clickable. (Online Dictionary)
Online Chinese Tools ( by Erik Peterson) Tools for learning and using Chinese. Computer Reference Tools