Chatty Cantonese | 粵語白白講

This podcast hosted by veteran Cantonese instructor Raymond Pai and advanced learner Cameron White covers topics that are important and interesting to Cantonese learners, e.g., mood words that appear at the end of an utterance, commonly known as sentence-final particles. Each episode provides a vocabulary list and a transcript in Jyutping, characters, and English translation.

Language Kaleidoscope 語言萬花筒; also available on Spotify.

This podcast hosted by two renowned Cantonese linguists Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip covers fascinating linguistic phenomena in Cantonese, e.g., whether Cantonese has a 7th tone.

Cantonese Featue Films on YouTube:

粵語長片台 offers 261 Cantonese feature films from the 1950s and the 1960s and 3 from 1970 on YouTube, as of today (4/4/2022).  Among the notable older films are Bruce Lee’s A Myriad Homes 千萬人家 (1953) and The Thunderstorm 雷雨 (1957).  In just a little more than 7 months, 粵語長片台 has attracted over 11 M views.

8號電影院 – 美亞 & TVB (Hong Kong Movie Channel) has over 60 newer Hong Kong Cantonese movies in different genres, e.g., action, horror, comedy, and romance. 

If you search “Hong Kong movies with English subtitles full movie” on Youtube, a long list of films will appear.

Cantonese flashcards:

Black Lives Matter Cantonese has a channel on Instagram that teaches the vocabulary for talking about this movement.

Dim Sum Saying is a channel on YouTube that provides Cantonese flashcard videos. Its tongue twister videos are funny.  What’s most special is its series that consists of common Cantonese expressions (e.g.,  對唔住 deui-`mh-jyuh “sorry” and 梗係 gán-haih “of course”). Each expression in this series is illustrated by clips from multiple movies.

jyut6toi4粵台 | Learn Cantonese is a channel on Instagram teaches Cantonese slang and colloquial proverbs such as 扮哂蟹 baahn saai háaih “to feign” and 吹水 chēui-séui “to bluff.” If you’re interested in learning colloquial Cantonese proverbs, Cantonese Proverbs in One Picture is an excellent site for you. Though they are not flashcards, there are over 80 proverbs, each of which is supported by written Cantonese, Yale Romanization, English translation, and a recording in Cantonese.

Flashcards on Quizlet: Sik Lee Dennig has created close to 70 sets of flashcards to support her Cantonese classes, and more will be coming. You’ll be able to hear how each expression is pronounced while reading Cantonese characters, Yale Romanization, and English translation.

CantoneseClass101.com – Learn Cantonese with Free Podcasts

This site contains free Cantonese podcasts, though it attempts to up sell the user to a premium version before use.  The site also has a free dictionary which is linked to by many other sites.


Cantonese with Brittany has accumulated a large number of videos across a wide range of topics, in addition to the ones on the “Learning Cantonese through Videos” page of the current website. The host is lively and her topics are always relevant in the North America context.

InspirLang offers fun videos and classes for learning Cantonese.  The host has recently started to create videos for learning Taishanese.

Online Dictionaries:


An easy to use online Cantonese dictionary that supports searching in English, Chinese character, radical, pinyin and jyutping. A free account allows for further search and result customization  such as Yale romanization.

English Cantonese Dictionary online

A simple free dictionary.

Cantonese Dictionary 粤语词典

An online Cantonese-Mandarin dictionary.


A  character-based Cantonese-Mandarin dictionary, with audio for each entry.

Other online resources:

Learn Jyutping provides excellent lessons on Jyutping, a Cantonese Romanization system developed by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong in the 1990s. This system uses a number system to represent tones, which may not be intuitive initially. However, once you’re used to it, you’ll find it easy to type tones.

Dialect Classrooms‘ mission is “to save dialects by learning dialects.” It offers classes in over 20 dialects or regional languages, and Cantonese is one of them.

Learn Cantonese 學廣東話

This basic website allows the user to learn thematic word sets, such as household items and locations. It also links to grammar notes and romanization.


This is a website where you can hear native speaker pronunciation of words for many of the world’s languages including Cantonese, Mandarin and other dialects.


This website is for Mandarin speakers that want to learn Cantonese. It has 26 video lessons, and lots of other material.


UK based website with beginner to intermediate learning resources such as basic revision sheets, quizzes and information sheets. The site  also contains an online dictionary (CantoDict).


Mandarin focused Chinese learning resources. Online Chinese Flashcards and Dictionary with Cantonese readings available.


This  site links to various different Chinese tools, including the Defense Language Institute’s Cantonese page, free downloads of some Cantonese textbooks and a download for a Cantonese keyboard.

广府话销研究Cantonese Resources Blog

This is resource website with  links to various Cantonese sites focused on learning to write Cantonese. But it also has links for Cantonese Audio, Cantonese CEDICT Project, Cantonese Dictionary on Web Browsers, Cantonese Electronic Dictionary, Cantonese Literature, Cantonese Phonology, Cantonese Subtitle ,Cantonese Tone, Mobile Cantonese Dictionary, Opinion, Pictorial Chart of Chinese Radical, Relation with Tai-Kadai, Romanized Cantonese Karaoke, Study of Cantonese, Study of Other Languages

further online resources:

Please visit the Language Resources page of the Cantonese Alliance of North America.