Websites – Learn Cantonese with Free Podcasts

This site contains free Cantonese podcasts, though it attempts to up sell the user to a premium version before use.  The site also has a free dictionary which is linked to by many other sites.

Learn Cantonese 學廣東話

This basic website allows the user to learn thematic word sets, such as household items and locations. It also links to grammar notes and romanization.

My Language

This website helps you find a language exchange partner, where you will teach them your native language, and they will teach you Cantonese. The website just facilitates the finding a partner, and gives suggestions.


This is a website for most languages where most the words of the language are pronounced.

This is a good site for advanced speakers.

This website is only in characters, and seems the audience is Chinese that are already decent at Cantonese. This seems to have a lot of material.

This website is for Mandarin speakers that want to learn Cantonese. It has 26 video lessons, and lots of other material.

Resource websites:


This has links to lots of different Chinese tools, like the defense language institutes Cantonese page, free downloads of some Cantonese textbooks. A download for a Cantonese keyboard.

廣府話小研究 Cantonese Resources

This is another Cantonese resource website with lots of links, but this one has more links for learning to write Cantonese. It also has links for Cantonese Audio, Cantonese CEDICT Project, Cantonese Dictionary on Web Browsers, Cantonese Electronic Dictionary, Cantonese Literature, Cantonese Phonology, Cantonese Subtitle ,Cantonese Tone, Mobile Cantonese Dictionary, Opinion, Pictorial Chart of Chinese Radical, Relation with Tai-Kadai, Romanized Cantonese Karaoke, Study of Cantonese, Study of Other Languages. A fairly comprehensive website.